Gratitude is . . .

. . . the Master Key that opens all doors of possibility.

Chances are you'll begin noticing the Gratitude symbol everywhere. When you do, it's a sign that you are on the right track and a signal to tap into Gratitude.

Click here if you haven't seen the Go Gratitude Master Key Flash movie.

You may not know this yet, but as you proceed beyond this point - deep into the heart of Gratitude - your life will radically change as you begin perceiving Gratitude in all things.

To facilitate this life-altering process, we've specially prepared a series of 42 short, inspiring and instructional "knew views on Gratitude" messages which will be delivered straight to your heart, mind and email inbox, one day at a time, over a 42 day period. We've crafted these unique, whole-brained messages to be super easy to digest by appealling to both the left and right brain.

As you embark upon this magical 42 day Gratitude journey, you'll learn the simple, yet powerful, science and art of using the Master Key of Gratitude to:

  • feel better instantly
  • enjoy supportive, synergistic, exciting relationships
  • increase your prosperity and abundance
  • experience vibrant health
  • know peace of mind
  • supercharge your creative juices
  • magnetize the realization of your dreams
    and goals
  • make a profound difference in the lives
    of many people
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The Gratitude Symbol

What does the Gratitude Experiment cost?

$50? $100? $1000?

We believe this information on Gratitude is priceless. But, for now, we are providing this one-of-a-kind, mind-opening information FREE of charge as our GIFT to you in exchange for your willingness to pass along the good word to others and share your personal life-changing experience with us before and/or after the 42 days are over.

The distribution of "42 knew views on Gratitude" is part of a much larger ground-swell, a peaking global experiment to see what happens when one million people are gathered in Gratitude. But more on that later. . .

Join us now on this 42 day adventure and be among the first to reap the life-changing benefits of this new Gratitude information and world-wide experiment.

Click here if you haven't seen the Go Gratitude Master Key Flash movie.

Gratitude Experiment Update

How many have joined so far?
1,537,876 people have watched the Go Gratitude movie and 271,934 people from all walks of life and from 153 countries have joined the Gratitude Experiment since its launch on Nov 21, 2005.

Since the inception of Go Gratitude and the Gratitude Experiment, we've witnessed a tidal wave of new Gratitude projects, inspired works of Gratitude art, and an overall increase in awareness of the role Gratitude plays in humanity's health, wealth and happiness.

In fact, according to Google Trends, searches for Gratitude has nearly doubled over the last six years. We view this Gratitude fact as a healthy sign for the planet.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Gratitude Experiment and watch your own life be enlivened by the effects of Gratitude.